Course Outline

 Module 1: A Bridge Primer (6 weeks from 20th September to 18th October inclusive)

This module teaches the basic mechanics of the game using MiniBridge. A game of Bridge consist of two parts, The Auction and The Play; MiniBridge replaces The Auction with something much simpler but The Play remains pretty much the same. This makes it much easier to teach (and learn) the game by splitting the task into two parts.

By the end of this module you will have learned the mechanics of a game of Bridge, how the scoring works and received lots of help on how to play a hand. We also teach you how to work out how good your hand is and whether to play with a trump suit or with No Trumps.

 Module 2: Begin Bidding (6 weeks from 25th October to 13th December inclusive)

This module gets you started with Bidding concentrating on balanced hands (a balanced hand is one which has at least two cards in each suit). By the end of this module you will have learned how bidding works and even learned your first Bridge conventions (special bids with special meanings).  You will also get lots of practice of playing hands.

Modules 3-5 will start in January 2019

More details on the remaining modules will be provided nearer the time.